Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Many Yo-Yo's?

This is what inspired me to learn to quilt...

The rosette quilt by Ethan Allen that was featured in an HGTV Dream Home a few years ago made/makes my mouth water.  I couldn't afford to buy it for $700 and I'd want it with a white background anyway.  So how hard could it be to make?  I started making yo-yo's before I did any math.  After making a basket full I figured out how many I'd need.  I still intend to make this quilt someday.  Someday if I sew a few yo-yo's a week for the next 20 years. 

In the mean time I have these hanging in my bedroom to satisfy my yo-yo cravings.  The frames are RIBBA from Ikea.

1 comment:

  1. Little framed yoyos are brilliant!!

    - donna
    (from Kindredcrafters)